Here is a collection of questions that are frequently asked at the Shopping Street Office and the Information Point.

Does the Shopping Street have a regular closing day?
The Shopping Street as a whole does not have a regular closing day.
Since the regular closing days differ from shop to shop, please inquire to individual shops.
Is there a parking area?
The Shopping Street does not have a parking area.
When visiting by car, please confirm nearby coin-operated parking spaces in advance.
The Shopping Street becomes very crowded during events and regular festival days (dates with a “4”), so we recommend using public transport on such days.
During which times are traffic restrictions enforced in Sugamo Jizou-dori Shopping Street?
Please be aware that traffic cannot pass through the Shopping Street during the following hours.
Weekdays (excluding the 4th, 14th, and 24th of each month): 7:30~9:00、15:00~18:00
Weekends & Holidays (excluding the 4th, 14th, and 24th of each month): 12:00~18:00
Weekdays that are the 4th, 14th, or 24th of each month: 7:30~22:00
Weekends & Holidays that are the 4th, 14th, or 24th of each month: 9:00~22:00
Why are some shops listed on maps and web pages, while some are not?
This website publishes information about shops that are members of the Sugamo Jizou-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association.
Please be aware that in some cases, information may not be available for shops even if they are association members, due to individual shop circumstances.
Where is the map of the Shopping Street distributed?
Maps of the Shopping Street are distributed free of charge at the Shopping Street Office, the Information Point, and some shops.
What is the schedule of festivals and events?
Festivals and event schedules are specially announced via this website.
Please view Event Information for details.
(Please see below for information on the regular festival days that are held on dates with a “4”)
When are regular festival days held?
Regular festival days, when street stalls are brought out along the whole of Sugamo Jizou-dori Shopping Street, are held every month on dates with a “4” (the 4th, 14th, and 24th).
Can I help out at a shop?
Recruitment of temporary helpers for events and festivals is sometimes carried out.
For details, pl ease inquire to the Shopping Street Office.